Microwave emitters charged... and ready!
- Wotan Array leaving the Vehicle Assembly Depot
Wotan array icon
The Wotan Array is the ECA's heavy anti-air vehicle capable of "cooking" enemy aircraft.


We'll have clear skies!
- Wotan Array

The Wotan is a revolutionary anti-air weapon system of Norwegian origin. Its armament is a microwave projector which is capable of firing an extremely intense beam of EM radiation at a target. Due to the intricacies of the weapon control systems, the limited depression of the beam projector and 'humanitarian' concerns, the 'heat ray' can only be fired at airborne targets, making the Wotan the heavy anti-air weapon of choice for the Scandinavian military and the ECA. The beam's intensity can be set to 'focused' or 'spread', allowing the Wotan to defeat individual aircraft with all available firepower or damage an entire swarm of packed targets at the same time. Thanks to the physical attributes of a directed energy weapon, the Wotan's attack has long range and suffers no delay before it strikes the target. An enemy pilot caught within range of a Wotan is essentially doomed to combust, either from being cooked to death by the microwave beam or by the premature ignition of his fuel and weaponry - whichever happens first.


Ability Description
Wotan array focused beam icon
Focused Beam
Focuses the beam on a single target.
Wotan array spread beam icon
Spread Beam
Spreads the beam on multiple targets with reduced damage.


Is it hot in here... or it is just me?!
- Wotan Array

Against enemy aircraft, there is no comparable weapon that could match the Wotan in terms of speed and efficiency; Although expensive compared to other Tier 2 AA, since it is a beam, there is no wasted ammunition, and the destruction starts almost immediately when the Wotan detects the aircraft in question. The 'focused' beams works better against single armored aircraft, while the 'spread' beam mode works better vs multiple light aircraft. The damage is not instantaneous (and is low), but it is constant, being delivered over time, and the Wotan, which have a good range, start to deliver damage once the enemy is detected.

But the other advantage of the Wotan, that makes it more dangerous, is that it can fire on the move, without need to deploy its weapons at all. Because of this, the Wotan is perfect, not only for base defense, but also for assault, supporting your army in the offensive, destroying any aircraft in their range.

Against helicopters however, the Wotan has a slightly difficult time since they are much more armored and can survive to destroy the Wotan, but that is the reason why the ECA has the Gepard Flakpanzer.


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