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*pant - pant - pant*

Global Liberation Army


-Building construction
-Building repair
-Minefield clearing
-Supply gathering
-Cannon fodder





Produced by

Supply Stash

Hot key


Worker Upgrades
GLA WorkerUnitbox
Thank you for the new shoes!

-Worker Shoes


-Construct GLA structures
-Clear mines

I will work.
- Worker ready for working.

The basic GLA construction unit is the Worker.


Global Liberation Army has since their creation taken military prisoners and slaves to do their hard work. Often cited as being the lowest link in the GLA chain of command, slaves and prisoners were usually the Workers of frontline GLA camps. They were tasked with erecting tents, workshops and depots where GLA soldiers and vehicles could come in, re-arm and repair. During the Global War on Terror the GLA didn't even spare the Workers any shirts or shoes, but Anwar Sulaymaan, successor of Mohmar 'Deathstrike', is very well aware that there would be no war without them, and has provided them shirts and shoes.

Unit descriptionEdit

Can I have some shoes?
- Worker requesting an upgrade.

The Worker is essentially the bread and butter for the GLA expansion efforts. Pressed into hard labour, Workers will reluctantly construct and repair any available structure for their employers and can also be ordered to fetch supplies as well.

Like their mechanised counterparts, Workers are unarmed and can be killed, if left undefended, since they lack any weapons of their own.

Furthermore, they are at greater risk being killed by anti-infantry weapons. Garrisoning them in friendly vehicles or buildings will ensure their safety.

Their speed can be increased by purchasing the Worker Shoes from the Black Market...much to the workers' delight.

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