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American Widowmaker

United States of America


Multi-Role Fighter


4 multi-role missiles





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Detention Camp

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Bombard Area

Widowmaker Upgrades

- Advanced Training
- Laser Guided Missiles
- Countermeasures

The F-35 Widowmaker is the main fighter jet employed by the United States of America.


The F-35 is the most widely produced fighter jet of the 21st century, with over 2,000 produced and in use with multiple armed forces worldwide. The A variant serves as the USAF's primary strike fighter, the B variant the US Marine Corps' rapidly deployed stealth fighter from Wasp & America class amphibious assault ships, and the C the US Navy's primary stealth tactical fighter, based from the Nimitz & Ford class supercarriers. US military aviators gave the Lightning II the sarcastic nickname "Widowmaker" due to early (and thankfully false) concerns about the aircraft's survivability in contested airspace and troubled development cycle. Despite a fine service record since then, superseding the F-16 Falcon, AV-6 Harrier, and F/A-18 Hornet, the name stuck. Armed with AIM-120 AMRAAMs and AGM-305 joint air to ground missiles, the Widowmaker can capably engage and destroy any possible target.

Unit DescriptionEdit

The Widowmaker is an excellent all-purpose fighter jet, able to sweep in on enemy positions to lay waste on ground targets, pick off armour columns one tank at a time and engage any and all enemy aircraft with its highly destructive missiles. Its great speed allows the Widowmaker to escape long before Tunguskas or Gattling Tanks can attempt to intercept them. The Widowmaker may be upgraded with Countermeasures to become able to deflect oncoming missiles, giving it greatly increased survivability in areas with lots of Igla Troopers or Stinger Soldiers, and its attack can receive a significant damage boost by installing Laser Guided Missiles, ensuring that only the strongest targets such as Overlords or Sentinel Tanks can survive its barrage. The Widowmaker releases its missiles simultaneously, and while this is great for hit and run, it also gives it a tendency to "overkill", sometimes wasting several missile on targets that required far less to be destroyed. For some targets therefore the Hunter Killer Drone may be a better candidate.

As an aircraft however, the Widowmaker remains frail and even with countermeasures venturing into an area filled with Twin Fangs or Kashtans will result in near instant destruction. Its missiles are also very ineffective against base defenses, a job which should be relegated to the Nighthawk instead. Additionally due to its loadout, the Widowmaker will have serious difficulties when encountering ECM Tanks, Avengers or Arena Component Towers.

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