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Weapon bunker icon
The Weapon Bunker is the Tier 1 technology building of the Russian Federation that could also launch a surveillance missile to a target location, providing information on the battlefield as it passes.


These specialized bunkers of the Russian Federation houses some of the latest grunt weaponry a mere Russian conscript could ever think of; IR Goggles, larger magazines, health medkits and the ominous Thermobaric bombs used on Hunchback helicopters.


Ability Description
Weapon bunker surveillance missile icon
Surveillance Missile
Launch a surveillance missile from the Weapon Bunker at the target location, which reveals a radius of 180 around it during its flight and causes 100 to 40 EXPLOSION damage over a radius of 35 to 100 upon crashing on the target location. 120 seconds cooldown.



The Weapon Bunker's quotes are voiced by Kii "ComradeCrimson" McKenzie.

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