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Anwar Sulaymaan (Arabic: أنور سليمان) is the GLA Warlord General.


Having fought for the Iraqi insurgency during the pivotal battle of Fallujah as a teenager, Sulaymaan's vicious combat skills and his searing hatred for the West have been sparked at an early age. When the GLA started making headlines in the early 2020s, he was among the thousands of frustrated, disenfranchised volunteers that joined the organisation's fight against the global superpowers.

His brutal cunning and charisma soon earned him a sizeable powerbase, allowing him to rise through the ranks - more often than not over the dead bodies of his former superiors - which eventually made him the top lieutenant of General Mohmar Deathstrike. Whereas the leader of the GLA was more of a die-hard ideologist and operational mastermind, Sulaymaan used his international contacts to ensure a respectable income from illegal weapons trade. While the GLA conflict was at its height, the "Death Merchant" made profitable deals with many parties regardless of allegiance, selling Israeli submachine guns to Palestinians, communist-made bullets to fascists and much more.

After the demise of Deathstrike in 2032, Sulaymaan used his ever-loyal private army to reunite the warring splinter cells and reshape the GLA according to his own ideas, culminating in the occupation of Central Africa where he sought to create his own "warrior paradise", a quasi-nation fueled by the hatred of all the have-nots who had an axe to grind with any haves of their choosing.

Most cynically, he enjoyed subverting the moral arrogance of the West for his own ends, using overseas contacts to launch the viral "Stop Sulaymaan" campaign in order to raise awareness for the GLA's horrible atrocities and gather funds for his capture which, in reality, went right into his own pockets. Now, with Central Africa's vital resources firmly under the control of the GLA, it is only a matter of time until someone would dare to challenge him.




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