RotR ECAWarhound

European Continental Alliance


Deployable Defense Tank




Short 140mm cannon


Movement move: Very low
Dig In: Very Heavy





Produced by

Field Command

Elite ability

Repair itself.


The deployment takes advantage of this vehicle.

Release the Hound!
- When emerging from the Field Command

- Cluster Munitions
- Armor Skirts

The 'Warhound' AVRE is the early-game defense vehicle capable of strengthening the European defense lines by repairing all buildings around itself while deployed.


Originally designed for the British Royal Engineers in the early 2000s, the Warhound is a combat engineering vehicle used by the European Continental Army. During the current russian-european wars, the Terrier CEV's were outfitted with addtional, heavier weapons to better fit their role.

Rapidly deployable thanks to its light weight of just over 30 tons, this versatile machine can be used for a variety of purposes. Its armament consists of a short 140mm cannon, which is typically loaded with high-explosive demolition shells, and a co-axial .50 calibre machine gun. The cannon, while devastating against static targets, infantry and light vehicles, cannot be fired on the move due to the relatively simplistic fire control systems, and requires the vehicle to be deployed in place. In that state, the Warhound can also be used to repair nearby buildings in a small radius around itself. Finally, the vehicle can use its powerful digging instruments to escavate a small pit to hide explosives in, which can be detonated on a manual command to surprise enemies. In combat, the Warhound has quickly proven itself as a worthy supplement to any defensive strongpoint as well as a helpful force multiplier in urban and mountainous battlespaces since the famous ECA campaigns in North Africa.

Tactics Edit

The Warhound is a useful vehicle that can lend support to the base defences when deployed alongside Fortification add-ons or other defences.

This vehicle can repair nearby vehicles or structures when deployed after Repair Specialist is researched. Use them behind your defence lines to repair the buildings without risking your Excavators getting destroyed or damaged on the same task. Alternatively the Warhound can also repair the Excavator while the latter repairs the defences.

The Warhound has a co-axial machine gun, and can deploy a 140mm mortar for its own defence. The mortar benefits from Cluster Munitions, dealing additional damage against enemies. A nearby Munition Track or Ammunition Stockpile will also improve its firepower.

It can plant a large C4 charge too. Place it on the path where the enemies are more likely to pass through as a manual Proximity Mine for maximum effect. Use aircraft such Tigers or Harriers to protect the Warhound while it is planting C4.

Counters Edit

The Warhound is more defence vehicle than tank, and suffers from many disadvantages when not set up, such as the inability to use the mortar, and not repairing units and buildings and such. It also has lower protection when not deployed, and has slow movement. Catch them when they're unprepared, and use either artillery or aircraft to efficiently dispose of them. When deployed the Warhound benefits from 200% defence, but becomes a sitting duck under enemy fire. However, it will most likely be accompanied by defences or other units, providing mutual assistance as the enemy units/defences engage your units and the Warhound fixes them. Try to use long-range artillery to soften the Warhound and its defenders. If all else fails, a superweapon will certainly finish them off.


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