Viking venom icon
The defensive-oriented Viking Venom is capable of inflicting heavy damage from afar with its "anti-materiel rifle". It also packs Starstreak missile launchers as a defensive measure against enemy aircraft.


Ability Description
Venom take off icon
Take Off
The Venom engages its boosters to fly.
Venom touch down icon
Touch Down
The Venom touches down and moves on foot.


If built, one must put attention and care to the Viking since it is a bit fragile. Use it to take out important enemy defenses like Stinger Sites and enemy units from afar. Its anti-air missiles can keep them protected but be sure to move out when spotted, since location is important to sniping units like this.


If paired with its counterpart, both units can work perfectly: while the Valkyrie works on the front line assaults, the Viking can provide fire support and anti-air defense. It can be also be a perfect pair with the Heavy Snipers.


The Viking is a target fragile enough to be destroyed by land units and traps. Terrorists and other high-explosive units and traps are proven to be a threat to this, so if playing as the GLA, be sure to use them as an advantage against this. Other units that pack a powerful punch like the Sentinel and Shenlong tanks can be another advantage against the Viking.