Valkyrie venom icon
The offensive-oriented Venom Valkyrie packs more than one weapon to keep its power, ranging from a canister gun to tear infantry apart, a rapid-firing grenade launcher to quickly wipe out most ground targets, and anti-tank missile launchers to make short work of enemy vehicles.


Ability Description
Venom valkyrie switch to canister gun icon
Switch to Canister Gun
The Valkyrie uses the canister gun to cut down soft enemies.
Venom valkyrie switch to grenade launcher icon
Switch to Grenade Launcher
The Valkyrie uses the grenade launcher to rapidly engage ground enemies.
Venom valkyrie switch to missile launchers icon
Switch to Missile Launchers
The Valkyrie uses the missile launchers to annihilate enemy tanks.
Venom take off icon
Take Off
The Venom engages its boosters to fly.
Venom touch down icon
Touch Down
The Venom touches down and moves on foot.


When trained, one must put attention to this since, like it's counterpart, it's a bit fragile. The Valkyrie is perfect for leading assaults in enemy bases, like the Manticore. Also be sure to rank it up to rank three for it's full power, but even then they prove to be a formidable unit even without the ranks.


Below are the tactics for the Valkyrie's three weapons:

  • The grenade launcher works on all ground units, whether infantry, vehicles, tanks, or structures, and its continuous fire can work in masses of units.
  • The canister gun works best on infantry and light vehicles like Quad Cannons, and a couple of shots can obliterate a mass infantry horde.
  • The missile launchers works best on tanks and vehicles alike, and works good on structures as well, and deals heavy damage and has great range, but has a delay for each attack.


Like it's counterpart, the Valkyrie is a fragile unit to be destroyed by units that pack a powerful punch. Terrorists and other high-explosive units and traps are proven to be a threat to this, so if playing as the GLA, be sure to use them as an advantage against this. Other units that pack a powerful punch like the Sentinel and Shenlong tanks can be another advantage against the Venom as well. It is also prone to air units due to lacking anti-air, unlike it's counterpart, so use aircraft or helicpoters to easily eliminate the Valkyrie. Avoid using less than three aircraft and use more than 5 air units if it with the Viking.