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The Ural Truck is the GLA's Tier 2 heavy anti-air unit. While powerful, it must be deployed to fire and is stealthed when deployed.


What looks like an unsuspecting supply truck from the outside can turn into a stealthy anti-air weapon once deployed.

The Stinger troopers that emerge from the back of the vehicle are veterans of countless conflicts and their proficiency with their launchers even rivals the effectiveness of more sophisticated heavy AA systems.


Add-on Description
Sa3 sam turret icon
SA3 SAM Turret
Jury rig a dual SA3 anti-air missile turret on the Ural Truck that replaces its Stinger soldiers, which is more powerful but has larger minimum range and slower firing rate, and makes the Ural Truck no longer stealthed when deployed.

Requires salvaged Russian Tier 2 technology.


The Ural Truck is GLA's heavy anti air unit and expensive. Although it lacks any other anti air system advantages such as long range or fire power, this is compensated by the fact that it is stealthed while deployed. This make Ural Trucks very effective against aircraft,since it could shoot down an aircraft before it could react.


Ural trucks are excellent at taking out any aircraft due to its damage and weapon range.

A clever player can keep moving the Ural Trucks so that the enemies are unable to destroy such an expensive unit. It is especially effective on large maps where there is more space to hide from the enemy.

It is advisable to group the Ural Trucks with some Radar Vans, since their sight range are shorter than their weapons range.


Like most of the other heavy anti-air, cannot attack ground units with their weapons whatsoever and also needs to deploy before they can stealth and fire their own weapon.

Their stinger missile cannot reach aircraft while going back to a airfield due to their speed like a Raptor, making it useless against escaping fast aircraft.

This truck may vulnerable to sudden attacks or strike one or more aircraft before their missile reach to their target.


The Ural Truck reuses Deathstrike's voiceset in the vanilla Zero Hour.


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