Fielded heavily by the US and under very few circumstances by the ECA, unmanned platforms function as a force multiplier while removing the human soldier from danger. However there are fears that politicians and service personnel may become more detached from the moral and ethical ramifications of conflict when risk to one's self is mitigated.


United States of America

European Continental Alliance


AQ-360 Hunter Killer UCAV

Main article: Hunter Killer Drone
  • ARMAMENT: Maverick air-to-ground missile (x4)
  • ROLE: anti-tank

Guardian Drone

Main article: Guardian Drone
  • ARMAMENT: 40mm stub cannon

Mule Drone

Main article: Mule Drone
  • ARMAMENT: 7.62mm minigun
  • ROLE: anti-missile; anti-infantry; buff infantry RoF

RQ-32 Targeteer Drone

Main article: Targeteer Drone
  • ARMAMENT: unarmed
  • ROLE: provides RoF buff against target

Working in tandem with a parent vehicle, the Targeteer uses a laser to help designate targets. This provides units linked to the battlespace network of the parent vehicle with faster target reacquisition for follow-up shots.

Roach UCAV

  • ARMAMENT: rocket propelled grenades (stacked, electronically fired)

Deployed by Vanguard personnel, Roach aerial weapons platforms give their owner a means of surviving an encounter with enemy mechanized armor.

Rottweiler Sentry Drone

Main article: Sentry Drone
  • ARMAMENT: 12.7mm Tri-barreled rotary gun
  • ROLE: scout; detector; anti-infantry

Sentry Turret

  • ARMAMENT: 6.8mm minigun

Deployed by Vanguard personnel, the sentry turret provides additional firepower in defense against opposing infantry and light vehicles.

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