The Type 66 is an artillery piece used by the People's Republic of China as a support power known as the "Artillery strike"


Based off on the old Soviet D-20 Howitzer, the old yet reliable piece is known for its relatively fair accuracy and the distinct thunderous roar that could be heard even from miles away. The Type 66 is too cumbersome to rapidly move and too fragile to be directly deployed on the frontline, but Chinese generals with sufficient clearance may still order troops to deploy these howitzers just outside the area of the battle where they will lay siege to any desired target, but will take a while to reload and be able to fire again. Nonetheless, it was commented that when the "roar" of the artillery was heard, even the most battle-hardened commander would cringe, and this was especially true of GLA warlords during chinese counterattacks in the Global War on Terror.

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