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The Tunnel Defender, also known as the RPG Trooper, is the GLA's main anti-tank Infantry.


The GLA is known for their use of recycling a lot of leftover military valuables, but most of their battle-worthy equipment comes from the various black market chains they operate with. One old but very reliable weapon utilized by the forces of the GLA is the effective RPG-7 launcher. When the GLA first attacked China, they did so with brutal efficiency, setting off a nuclear weapon in downtown Beijing, and subsequently ambushing the survivors with hundreds of crude fundamentalists. Most were armed with the RPG-7s, but when the GLA pulled back from the onslaught of Chinese forces, they hid inside their vast tunnel networks. When the enemy tanks rolled by, they would pop out and attack the enemy from all sides. Realizing the efficiency of this shoot-and-scoop tactic, the GLA posted many RPG-wielding rebels on every network entrance. The rest of the GLA gave them the comical nickname 'Tunnel Defenders'.


Ability Description
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TNT Charge
Place a TNT explosive charge on the target enemy vehicle or structure that explodes 5 seconds after being placed, causing 250 to 100 EXPLOSION damage over a radius of 10 to 50. 7.5 seconds cooldown.
Requires High Explosive Caches.


Defending the tunnel networks!
- Tunnel Defender

The Tunnel Defender is an RPG-armed infantry good at taking out vehicles. Whenever a Tunnel Network is built, two Tunnel Defenders are given to you for no cost at all.

The RPG fired by the Tunnel Defender are powerful against vehicles and aircraft, however not so much against infantry.

The Tunnel Defender is a surprisingly flexible unit capable of dealing with both armor and aerial units. Like most infantry they are particularly more effective when garrisoned. The Camouflage upgrade allows it to become stealthed when not shooting and unlocking the High Explosive Caches GP makes the Tunnel Defender explode when crushed by enemy vehicles and allows them to place TNT charges on vehicles and structures.


The Tunnel Defender is best used for infantry support and/or base defense. It should be put to work against tanks and aircraft, leaving the infantry for other units. Tunnel Defenders can be garrisoned inside structures to gain better protection.

When assaulting enemy bases, it is advised that the Defender is kept away from anti-personnel weapons and close to anti-armor weapons. The Tunnel Defender can destroy structures easily in groups, especially when using their TNT Charges ability.

The Camouflage and High Explosive Caches GP makes this infantry deadly in ambushing enemy armor because they are stealthed while not shooting and can plant TNT charges if they get to close. Then, if it is run over, it explodes, damaging nearby enemy units.


The Tunnel Defender is nothing against anti-personnel weapons such as the Gattling Cannon or Quad Cannon. Their rockets also don't have enough fuel to follow aircraft back home, and if one is fast enough the rocket will simply fall to the ground and damage anything it hits.

Dealing with Tunnel Defenders inside garrisons should not be too tricky; a simple garrison-clearing weapon should suffice such as the Shmel Trooper's anti-garrison ability, the Ranger's flash-bang grenades or the Dragon Tank. Anti-garrison infantry is recommended rather than anti-garrison vehicles.


The Tunnel Defender reuses the the RPG Trooper's voiceset in the vanilla Generals and Zero Hour.


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