The Tu-4, also known as the Anthrax Bomber, is the main cargo plane used by the Global Liberation Army both in the previous and the current war.


During the global war on terror, the GLA was known for its almost non-existant air support: American and Chinese generals usually had to contend against GLA-hijacked Raptors and MiGs rather than any form of domestic aircraft. Nonetheless, as Americans and Chinese kept under strict surveillance all ground operations and began finding ways to disrupt the underground tunnels as well, the GLA realized it needed an aircraft to quickly move troops and weapons across cells, and thus it introduced a modified version of the old Soviet Tu-4. Using a wooden construction rather than metallic one, the Tu-4 is as a result cheap and quick to produce, not taking long for the GLA to hijack a nearby civilian airstrip and assembling one within a few hours. In the previous war, it was found that one of the best use for this aircraft was deploying an Anthrax Bomb, a special chemical bomb that would instantly kill any infantry and seriously damage all vehicles. It had the advantage of being a surprise weapon, as a GLA opponent would typically not invest much into anti-air defense, allowing the plane to quickly lay waste and retreat as quickly as it arrived. Now, with the GLA introducing fighters and helicopters, as well as AA weapons becoming more sophisticated, this cargo plane is not as fearsome as it once was, but ideally the armor should last for long enough to complete the objective, as a Tu-4 pilot's goal is only that of dropping off whatever cargo it is transporting, and survival is typically only a bonus.


The Tu-4 acts as the GLA's only cargo plane, used for the Anthrax Bomb General's Power as well as dropping reinforcements or supplies via air.