C-3 Trinity approaching enemy lines.

C-3 Trinity Overview
RotR AmericanTrinity

United States of America


Fast cargo plane


Leaflet Drop GP


- Support Aircraft Armor
- Countermeasures

The C-3 Trinity is high-speed cargo plane available to the USA as a rank three Leaflet Drop General's Promotion unlock


One of the more recent additions to the inventory of the United States Air Force, the C-3 Trinity is cargo plane that is smaller, faster, but also lighter than the venerable C-130 Hercules. Its efficient design was used as the foundation of the EAL-3 Guardian Angel AEWCMD (Airborne Early Warning, Control and Missile Defense) variant and serves a vital role in psychological operations, where it is often used to quickly penetrate a foreign airspace to deliver propaganda leaflets with the intent of manipulating a hostile population or military in support of American combat operations.

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