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Toxin Tractor
GLA TxnTrctr Var
"Be careful, it may spill!"

Global Liberation Army




Toxin Sprayer







Produced by

Arms Dealer


Black Market

Hot key


Toxin Tractor Upgrades

- Junk Repair
- Anthrax Beta

Fresh out of the lab...
- Toxin Tractor emerging from the Arms Dealer

The toxin tractor serves as the GLA's dedicated anti infantry and anti garrison unit. It is capable of clearing buildings and polluting areas with its sprinkler mode.


It might be a little strong! Hehehe...
- Toxin Tractor attacking enemies

The toxin tractor is the fear of all infantry opposing the GLA, it is made out off a simple farm tractor that is most of the time stolen from a simple farmer. The GLA's ingenuity was quickly able to craft simple tools into weapons of chemical warfare. It's top mounted sprinkler delivers it's "medicine" called anthrax to the infidels to give them a painful death. The shower of anthrax melts the skin of the poor infantry bones and is capable of corroding metal, since the mixture also contains acid. The operator of this machines also suffer from serious problems. They already were mentally ill before they started operating these machines of toxic terror or they became by seeing their victims die horrible deaths at their hands.

Unit DescriptionEdit

There's enough for everybody!!
- Toxin Tractor using the spray ability

The Toxin Tractor is extremely cheap and quick to produce, but it is generally not a particularly much used unit because its anti infantry role is performed even better by the Quad Cannon. Nevertheless, the Anthrax beta upgrade greatly improves its firepower and it remains of utmost importance when needing to clear garrisons. If the infantry units greatly outnumber Toxin Tractors, they can be ordered to spray the toxins all around themselves in an effort to kill as many of them as possible.

It is more resistant against projectile anti-armor from infantry than most other GLA units, but its armor is still not very good at all, and can be taken out easily by most vehicles and air units, especially since it has short range and it is not even equipped to fight back against anything that isn't infantry. It is also fairly slow compared to most other GLA light units. Upon exploding it will release some toxins, which may or may not be a good thing for the GLA general depending on where the tractor was located upon its destruction, their toxins can damage your own troops.

Tactics Edit

Toxin tractors are cheap and useful clearing garrisons of enemy soldiers inside and deadly infantry, resistant to projectile anti-armor infantry, imnune to toxins and radiation. With the Anthrax Beta upgrade; and in groups; it can even destroy a Battlemaster or Scorpion.

Counters Edit

Toxin tractors are slow and are not very well dealing damage vs with any tank, lacks of AA defense and aircraft are the excellent taking of toxin tractors, neither are good damaging buildings and are weak vs base defenses.

See also Edit

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