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Russia's nuclear arsenal.
- Topol-M leaving the War Factory.
Topol m icon
The RT-2UTTKh Topol-M is perhaps the most powerful artillery unit in the game, deployed exclusively by General Zhukov, the Tactical Ballistics General of the Russian Federation.


Produced by the Soviet Union during the Cold War, the RT-2UTTKh Topol-M, NATO reporting name SS-27 Sickle B, is an intercontinental ballistics missile launcher. In the event of World War III, these platforms would launch nuclear warheads across the Iron Curtain and into Western soil, devastating the land. When the Russian economical crisis escalated in the late 2010s, these weapons of war fell into obscurity, being locked up in deep underground vaults far out in Siberia to be used by no-one. The fate of the divisions utilizing the platforms, the Strategic Rocket Forces, were also disbanded. They remained locked up until Russia's new leader President Suvorov put the country back on track one and a half decades later. With his rebuilt army, he reinstituted the Strategic Rocket Forces, and put them under command of his most trusted general: General Zhukov. The platforms were upgraded to fit modern standards, and today stand vigilant next to the Guards Army, ready to launch their nukes should the ECA draw more nuclear weapons into the Russo-European War.


Ability Description
Launch tactical nuclear strike new icon
Launch Tactical Nuclear Strike
Launch a tactical nuclear strike delivered by an ICBM with 3 tactical nuclear MIRV warheads at the target location within the Topol-M's weapon range, which takes 15 seconds to hit the target.
Requires the Topol-M to be armed with a MIRV ICBM.
Topol m mirv icbm icon
Arm the Topol-M with a ready to fire MIRV ICBM.
Costs $750 to use and takes 90 seconds to complete.
Only one MIRV ICBM can be stored at a time.
Show weapon range icon
Show Weapon Range
Show the unit's minimum and maximum weapon range on the radar map and the terrain for 6 seconds.

Behind the scenes

  • Prior to 1.87 the Topol-M is buildable from the Russian War Factory and has no build limit.
  • Prior to 1.87 public beta version 1.5 the Topol-M has five MIRV warheads instead of three; its MIRV ICBM also costs twice and takes four times as long to complete. It is also limited to one if Limit Superweapons are enabled.

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