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Tiger Gunship
Tiger Gunship
EU Tiger





- High-Explosive Rockets
- Anti-Air Missiles



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Tiger Gunship

Icarus Balloon Mine

The Tiger Gunship is a versatile aerial unit of the ECA, possessing both air-to-ground rockets and air-to-air missiles in addition to the ability to deploy balloon air mines at the commander's discretion.


The Eurocopter Tiger was first conceived as a joint venture between France and West Germany in the early 1980s. However, when the new helicopter started to see action during NATO operations in Afghanistan, a series of problems became apparent: The German UHT variant was designed as a missile-armed support helicopter for use against Soviet era tank armies and had to make do with a static 12.7mm gunpod rather than a proper autocannon turret, making it unsuitable for counter-insurgency operations. In addition, the wiring in these early models was flawed, forcing the Tigers to remain on the ground for most of the time. Whilst the French HAP variant fared better in combat and was used as the basis for additional export versions, the German Tigers would not receive the necessary upgrades for years due to a general neglect of military matters by the government and thus delivered an abysmal performance during the GLA's incursion into Central Europe in 2028.

After the civilian governments of Europe had collapsed in the wake of the attack, the Bundeswehr assumed temporary control of Germany and proceeded to develop a new version to iron out these critical flaws: Commonly dubbed the 'Koenigstiger' by the Germans, the updated model was armed with two chin-mounted, high-capacity rocket pods linked to the pilot's HUD that could be aimed in the same way as a turret, allowing the Tiger to lay down a deadly accurate barrage of high-explosive/armor-piercing rockets in addition to taking on flying targets with Starstreak anti-air missiles. Further adding to the gunship's versatility, it is also able to deploy the Icarus balloon mine to lock down down the airspace above an area of operations. The new Tiger showed its superiority during Operation Nemesis and was soon adopted by both the ECA and, somewhat ironically, the French Army as well.

Unit DescriptionEdit


Coming soon...


Tiger Gunships are the teeth of your ECA Air Force. Use them offensively, or do not use them at all. They are great for ambushes when a tank column of heavy tanks such as Golems are approaching your base, but make sure to use then in numbers. Their ability to attack air units more efficiently than Harriers is also a huge advantage against enemy helicopters.


Coming soon...


Deployed Edit

"Tiger Gunship Ready to do our part!"

Selected Edit

"This is the Tiger, where's my prey?"

"Bonjúr Commander."

"I could use a smoke..."

"Air Cavalry, reporting in!"

"Ready to pounce!"

"Ready to defend zá homeland!"

"We are not ready to give up yet!"

"Looks like it's up to us now."

Moving Edit

"Air Cavalry on the move."

"Tiger on zé way"

"Ouí commandant"

"On zá prowl..."

"Right Away"

Attacking Edit

"Vive le France!"


Faction arsenalEdit

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