Rise of the Reds included a new tier system to create more diversity between the 5 factions. Each faction has 3 tiers, while the ECA has 4.

Tier 0Edit

The 1st tier, known as tier 0, consists of the basic units that can be constructed from production structures without the need of any other structures. Some examples of these units are basic infantry (assault and Anti-tank), basic vehicles (anti-infantry, anti-air, and possibly MBTs), and basic aircraft (fighters, light helicopters).

Tier 1Edit

The second tier, known as tier 1, is unlocked by the first upgrade focused structure. This structure  unlocks heavier vehicles, mid-level aircraft, and specialized infantry, as well as the next tier of structures.

Tier 1 structuresEdit

Tier 2Edit

The 3rd tier is unlocked by the second upgrade focused structure. The third tier, known as tier 2, consists of heavy artillery, heavy anti-air, hero units, secondary economy structures, super-weapons, and all other locked units.

Tier 2 StructuresEdit


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