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Who said lightning can't strike twice?
- Tesla Tank
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The TT-2 Tesla Tank, designed by the General Aleksandr, is a revolutionary directed energy weapon-based tank deployed by the Russian Federation.

The Tesla Tank can effectively deal with almost all types of ground targets, firing unforgiving lightning bolts generated using Russia's fearsome Tesla technology.


The TT-2 Tesla tank is the successor of the original TT-1 testbed vehicle. Despite the impressive lethality of its experimental electrolaser weapon, the first model was marred by early design flaws due to its lightweight construction as it was merely a tank in name only. Taking these issues into account, General Aleksandr has chosen the BMPT combat vehicle as the basic platform for the new model. The chassis has been extensively modified to accommodate for a high-voltage power capacitor and the single 'embedded' Tesla coil of the original vehicle has been replaced by a set of two smaller coils mounted on a rotating turret. Prior to seeing service at the frontline of the Russo-European War in late 2048, the new Tesla tanks were spontaneously redeployed to Slovakia, where they put a definitive end to the famed Bratislava uprising within only three days.


Ability Description
Deploy smoke screen icon
Deploy Smoke Screen
Launch four smoke grenades in front of the vehicle, creating a smokescreen that lasts for 3.5 seconds and make nearby enemies blindly fire at the smokescreen if they are not firing at something else. 30 seconds cooldown.
Tesla tank tesla discharge icon
Tesla Discharge
The Tesla Tank overloads its coils, which takes 1 second, to emit a powerful electrical discharge over a radius of 120 around it for 6 seconds, damaging any enemies caught in its wake. The Tesla Tank is disabled for the duration of the discharge. 6 seconds cooldown.


The Tesla Tank is an anti-surface unit, armed with Tesla coils can easily kill infantry (including garrisoned ones) and combat any kind of vehicle. Despite the vehicle's weapon being effective for its price, it has weaker armor compared to other armored vehicles and requires a General's Promotion to unlock. The tank can be easily destroyed by anti-armor weaponry, especially from aircraft.


  • Can clear garrisons
  • Does heavy damage to tanks
  • Instantly kills infantry
  • Can attack multiple targets (depending on their type)
  • Can use smoke grenades to distract enemy fire
  • Can discharge electric current around it

  • Weak armor (as compared to other tanks)
  • Tesla discharge ability disables the Tesla tank temporarily
  • Tesla discharge ability has a small radius
  • Requires a general point to unlock


The Tesla Tank is voiced by George "Seòras" Exley.

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