Terrorist icon
The Terrorist is the GLA's suicide bombers. They are equipped with bomb vests, aimed to explode near massed enemy units, taking them with the Terrorist in one massive explosion.


We have a network.
- Terrorist moving

The fanatical and suicidal Terrorists have been an integral part of the GLA's operations since their dawn in the early 2020s. The Terrorists are always eager to make the ultimate sacrifice for the GLA's cause, while their organization is more than willing to give them a chance as long as it enables them to deliver critical blows to the enemy's troops and supplies.

With the development and improvement in GLA's stealth technologies (which have rendered most defensive structure's detection capabilities useless) and new emphasis on subterranean tactics,the Terrorist is now more feared than ever before and remains a popular method among GLA commanders for "fast and tactical" strikes. However the Terrorist still remains almost entirely defenseless to keep them cost efficient and can be killed easily by even firearms before they reach their target.


Ability Description
Terrorist detonate now icon
Detonate Now!
Order this unit to immediately detonate themselves.


Add-on Description
Napalm payload icon
Napalm Payload
Attaches napalm canisters to this unit, causing it to release a napalm explosion upon detonation.

Requires salvaged Chinese Tier 1 technology.
Only one salvaged technology add-on can be applied at a time.

Cluster bomb payload icon
Cluster Bomb Payload
Attaches cluster bombs to this unit, causing it to scatter explosive mines upon detonation.

Requires salvaged ECA Tier 2 technology.
Only one salvaged technology add-on can be applied at a time.


This will make a difference.
- Terrorist attacking

The classic 'Generals' Terrorist remains mostly unchanged. These suicidal units are cheap and potentially have one of the best cost-damage ratio, though they can only damage the enemy once.

Terrorists are effective against all manners of grouped ground targets but are practically defenseless and get dispatched quickly by almost any type of unit. They are effective at quickly taking down enemy structures and vehicles. They are also fairly good against large groups of infantry if they can get close enough. Their slow movement speed can be mitigated by extensive use of GLA Tunnel Networks or by transporting them using Technicals.


Terrorists are excellent against tanks, buildings and some base defenses that do not fare well against infantry. They can load into a Technical approaching an enemy base and disembark near a building before attacking it.

Terrorists can also ride on Combat Cycles to gain high mobility and potential damage against targets with high hitpoints making them very suitable for the battle.

They will be stealthed after the Camouflage upgrade and makes them even more effective for sneak attacks against enemies undetected, especially against buildings with no detection units guarding them. Putting terrorists on Technicals are also good for fast transportation and carry them to the backdoor of your enemies' base.


It should be noted that the terrorists are still soft targets, making them extremely vulnerable to anti-infantry weapons like the Gattling Tank and Humvee which can take them down easily.

Even the Camouflage upgrade does not serve well against those targets as they will reveal themselves in close proximity to vehicles, infantry or even structures when ordered to attack, making them vulnerable and easy to kill said terrorists by using anti-infantry or anti-personnel weapons. And stealth detection units can also detect them obviously and results much the same way.


The Terrorist reuses their original voiceset in the vanilla Generals and Zero Hour.


Behind the scenes

  • Prior to 1.87 the Terrorist are $200 cheaper and can be trained at Tier 0 but moves slower.