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Abdul bin Yusuuf (Arabic: عبد بن يوسف) is the GLA Terror Cell General.


Hailing from the venerable desert land of Saudi Arabia, Yusuuf has been linked to countless brutal terrorist attacks across the entire Arabian peninsula, as he regards the wasteful, materialistic splendor of its upper class denizens as an affront against the heavens. Worse yet, the rulers have sold themselves out to the interest of America, degrading themselves and their proud people to mere puppets of Western imperialism.

As a result, Yusuuf and his "Brotherhood of the White Falcon", one of the most aggressively traditionalist sects in the entire Middle East, were among the first terrorist organizations that sided with Deathstrike's original Global Liberation Army in the late 2010s, injecting it with a massive boost of fanatical followers and fundamentalist zeal. Even today, after the demise of Deathstrike and the purges of his successor Sulaymaan, the Brotherhood remains as the GLA's most hardline faction, which frequently puts them at odds with the - if only by virtue of comparison - more level-headed proto-nationalists headed by Sulaymaan and the violent anti-corporatists represented by Ibrahiim.

Nevertheless, the proverbial dinosaur that is Yusuuf is still an important figure in the organization's hierarchy as the size and dedication of his powerbase are still immense. Up until the Chinese occupation of East Africa in 2038, his infamous pirate gangs roamed freely across the entire Gulf of Aden between Somalia and Yemen, allowing GLA raiders to steal millions of Dollars worth of foreign shipping and extort additional funds through the taking of hostages. But even now, years after the GLA was driven away from the Indian Ocean for good, Yusuuf's warriors are feared for their ability to mix among the local population, gather intelligence on whatever target has been chosen, and then annihilate it with the utmost brutality and swiftness.



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