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Telecom Tower
EU TelecomTower
Produces 20$

European Continental Alliance


Secondary Income


Structure armor


Telecom Relay

Telecom Tower

Structure Armor

Telecom Towers are an expansion of the Telecom Relay, used to automatically generate funds. The amount of money the produce is similar to that of the Oil Derrick from General Zero Hour.


When the Russian advance into France began to stall and the frontline degenerated into a vicious back-and-forth between the two warring factions in the bitter winter of 2047, many European soldiers reported a new phenomenon: Whenever they recaptured a front sector - even if it was only for a few hours or days until the next counter-attack dislodged them - they noticed that the Russians had done their utmost to dismantle any bit of valuable technology they got a hold of before their positions fell.

From the pressure-sensitive plates that had been installed on many motorways in order to generate electricity to the intricate network of fibre-glass cables that formed the backbone of all continental telecommunications, many of these items later reappeared in Russian cities.

Ironically dubbed the 'snatched earth' doctrine, this tactic nevertheless had the same effect as a classic 'scorched earth' operation, for even though the assets were not destroyed per-se, they still became unusable for the Europeans. In order to restore the vital telecommunications capacities in liberated areas, ECA technicians began to install these Telecom Towers which process additional data traffic, thus generating extra funds in conjunction with the Telecom Relay. It is advised that additional Towers can only be constructed as long as the Relay is intact.

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