Bolted down and ready!
- Technical
Technical icon
The remarkably fast but lightly armored Technical is the GLA's basic troop transport. It is fast and deadly when used properly.


The Technical is the most basic combat unit that had been ever devised in modern warfare. In reality, it is nothing more than a souped-up pickup truck with a gun at the back. But the Technical was and is a force to be reckoned with, especially at the early stages of the Global Liberation War, where this vehicle sent terror to the hearts and minds of the people under GLA rule. Even though very anachronistic in comparison with today's modern technology, technicals are not forces to be easily trifled with.


Ability Description
Detonate now icon
Detonate Now!
Order this unit to immediately detonate themselves.

Requires Suicide Packs.


Add-on Description
Nuclear engine icon
Nuclear Engine
Jury rig a nuclear engine on the vehicle, increasing its speed by 40% but causes it to explode in a nuclear detonation when destroyed.

Requires salvaged Chinese Tier 2 technology.
Only one salvaged technology add-on can be applied at a time.

Suicide packs icon
Suicide Packs
Adds explosive packs on the vehicle, causing it to explode upon death and allows it to detonate themselves at will through the Detonate Now! ability.

Requires salvaged GLA Tier 2 technology.
Only one salvaged technology add-on can be applied at a time.

Canister cannon icon
Canister Cannon
Replaces the vehicle's current weapon with a canister cannon with large damage radius and is highly effective against infantry, but highly ineffective against vehicles and structures.

Requires salvaged ECA Tier 1 technology.
Only one salvaged technology add-on can be applied at a time.


One of the fastest vehicles on the battlefield, the Technical serves as the primary transport unit for the GLA. It is armed with a machine gun for taking care of infantry, and with additional salvage upgrades it gains a Dushka Machinegun and eventually a recoiless rifle, making it able to take down any light to medium vehicle with ease. The fact that it can also transport units makes it a very good rush unit, especially since it doesn't require anything to be built.


The Technical is best used for transport, as it is fast, cheap and can defend against infantry with no salvage. Rushing is good with this vehicle, because it is very fast and can move into the enemy's base almost undetected when coming from the backdoor.

When upgraded with salvage it gains anti-vehicle capabilities as well, a Dushka machine gun and a recoilless rifle for levels 1 and 2 respectively. This makes the Technical a good hit-and-run vehicle, as the gunner can move and fire in any direction without the car having to stop.

The Technical can also be used for quick base expansion by transporting workers in it.


The Technical is completely defenseless against aircraft. While its mobility means it can evade slower weapons, such as artillery shells, it fares far worse against RPGs and missiles. Its passengers cannot fire out, and its destruction would mean the death of its passengers as well.


The Technical reuses their original voiceset in the vanilla Generals and Zero Hour.


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