Scissors The subject of this article was scrapped during development and are no longer present in-game. Scissors
Tech naval yard icon
Brimming with cranes, metal and swearing shipmen, the Tech Naval Yard allow the production of naval units.

The Tech Naval Yard, along with naval units, were cut from the mod since 1.85 due to issues with the SAGE engine and to focus on the mod's primary content. However, naval warfare is still available as an optional expansion for the mod.[1]


The Naval Yard is a Tech building that only appears on a select number of maps that are designed with naval units in mind. Upon capture, every faction in version 1.7 will be able to produce the same naval units from this structure. They will later be replaced by more unique faction-specific ships but those will require a large amount of work, so we decided to give everyone an early opportunity to have a basic, but fully functional navy in the upcoming version.



  • There's a bug which makes the Tech Naval Yard to randomly vanish when a computer-controlled faction captures it.