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Tech celebrus turret icon
The Tech Celebrus Turret is a powerful tech defense structure rarely seen on the battlefield and can easily dispatch anything in its way with its powerful cannon and anti-air missiles.


The Celebrus Turret is often seen in a strategic position near a base, where a row of these defense positions wait for any intruder foolish enough to get too close for comfort. Build on a sturdy steel-concrete base, the Celebrus sports a single 150mm laser-guided AT cannon with enough fire power to pierce a hole in any foe its target systems take hold of. It's HE shells are a nightmare for any foot soldier while the rear mounted six vertical missile-tubes take care of any aerial foe approaching its position in quick order. Last but not least, the Celebrus also has a sophisticated radar system that detects cloaked enemies over a moderate area, making life for any stealth units entirely miserable.



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