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Tech armory icon
A warehouse brimming with weapons, a Tech Armory could greatly help generals in their war effort by being a steady source of income and boosting the combat effectiveness of nearby ground units.


After a decade of warfare against GLA holdouts around the world, many military forces found themselves drastically oversupplied with expensive weapons and ammunition when the GLA was finally driven underground. Now that peace was once again restored, the arsenals were reduced in an attempt to cut down on the overburdening costs. Much of the materiel was sold or locked away in secured facilities to await its controlled destruction. In-game, this large munitions depot houses several tons of ordnance. Upon capture, players will automatically sell these pieces on the global market, providing them with a steady income that surpasses that of an Oil Derrick. In addition, friendly units within a visible radius around the facility benefit from a notable firepower boost. Due to the volative nature of the contents, these structures go up in a violent explosion upon destruction.