Tank trap barricade icon
The cheapest and simplest base defense in the game is the ECA Tank Trap Barricade. A total of 3 infantry units can "garrison" (more accurately take cover behind) the sandbag side of this structure. However, they can still be fired upon as normal.


The ability to predict the movement of enemy forces is an essential skill in defensive warfare. Beyond that, the ability to redirect their movement in order to funnel them into pre-determined killzones proves even more advantageous. As such, these seemingly crude obstacles consisting of sandbags, razor wire and Czech hedgehogs can be set up for a variety of practical purposes: In the narrow streets of a city, they can force the attacker to take risky detours or waste precious time on their removal. In open fields, they can easily disrupt the formation of an entire army thus exposing it to a hail of defensive fire. In short, the Tank Trap Barricade allows the European defenders to 'model' a battlefield according to their own plans, thus nullifying any offensive advantage the enemy may have and wrestling the initiative of battle away from him.


Only meant to irritate your enemy, the Tank Trap Barricade can block off secondary base entrances without the need of having expensive defenses there. The Tank Trap Barricade is also completely free to construct and is built within a matter of seconds. Thus, many can be built in a long line in less than a minute, with no extra charge. Several base defenses for the ECA, such as the Guard Tower and the Gun Turret, are situated high enough above the ground to be able to fire over the barricade.