General Bradley
MTG Bradley Pic
Military Analysis
Full Name Jeremiah "Treads" Bradley
Allegiance United States of America
Branch US Marine Corps, 2nd Expeditionary Force
Tactics Armored Assault
National Information
Class Number 72478300-HBAA
Stationed Camp Lejeune, North Carolina
Rank General 4 Star

General Bradley is the USA General in Command of the USA Main Armored Division.


Born and raised in the Lone Star State, Bradley hails from a family that can trace its proud military heritage as far back as the Texan Revolution of 1835. Throughout the decades, there had always been at least one Bradley who fought and died in one of America's many conflicts. As such, the General is well known for his rather romaticised faith in destiny and the nonchalant attitude towards mortality that comes with it. Detractors have often denounced him as a careless thrillseeker and glory hound. On the contrary, his hotheadedness is conspicuously absent from his actual tactics, which rely on the solid, time-tested US doctrine of "shock and awe", utilising well-coordinated spearheads of superior tanks to annihilate the enemy.

As an aspiring Tank Commander, Bradley has earned his spurs during the Second Gulf War and subsequently rose through the ranks when America fully committed itself to the hunt for GLA forces across the Middle East. At that time, he also made headlines with a collegial, if somewhat vitriolic rivalry between him and the Chinese General Ta Hun Kwai, culminating in their joint-offensive on Akmola, the GLA-controlled capital of Kazakhstan in the mid-2020s. Despite the temporary success, the GLA soon recovered and dealt fatal blows to the American forces in Europe, forcing the government to cave in to the war-weary population and withdraw.

Unsurprisingly, Bradley who was now regarded as a fanatical warmonger and political liability protested, only to find himself disciplined while his unit was among the many that got reduced in personnel and equipment. Nevertheless, the General kept his faith, knowing that one day, the United States military would once again call upon an old, die-hard devil dog like him while keeping his troops combat-capable by means of technical resourcefulness and clever ingenuity in the face of daunting budget cuts.

Known ExclusivesEdit



  • Composite Armor

Generals Power

  • Acolyte Tank Drop (Rank 3)

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