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Leonid Vasilyevich Zhukov (Russian: Леонид Васильевич Жуков) is the Russian Tactical Ballistics General.


Born in the early 1980s, Leonid Zhukov had already established his reputation as a competent military man in Chechnya and Georgia long before Nikolai Suvorov seized the opportunity to wrestle control away from the old ex-KGB elites in 2028. The charismatic President knew that "Father Leonid" enjoyed great popular respect, but also that he was a pragmatic realist who never bought much into the profuse promises of politicians. Nevertheless, Suvorov always tried to maintain a facade of superficial friendship towards the General, hoping that it would secure him the loyalty of the Russian Army throughout the much acclaimed "war on corruption" in the early years of his presidency.

During the Ukrainian Civil War of 2036, Zhukov won his most lauded victory when his 20th Army moved in to relieve the pro-Russian provisional government of the Donetsk Republic in the east of the country against overwhelming numbers of loyalist forces. With the strategic city secured, the brief but vicious conflict began to wind down and the government of Ukraine was forced to cede the eastern territories to the Federation.

But then, Zhukov's finest hour ended tragically when his 20 year old son Valery, himself a soldier sent to Ukraine as part of his first real deployment, died a pointless death in one of the war's last skirmishes. With his only offspring dead, Zhukov's lineage had come to an abrupt end which threw the General into a deep emotional depression. His bitter cynicism only grew bigger as the years went by until he reached the point where he'd often try to drown his grief in alcohol.

It is unknown whether President Suvorov ever learned of this issue but as it stands, General Zhukov remains in command of the 20th Army which is currently recovering from its heavy losses during the invasion of the Be-Ne-Lux countries.





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