TT-1 Tesla Tank

Russian Federation
- Advanced Weapons General Aleksandr




Mobile Tesla Coil





Build time


Produced by

Russian War Factory


Weapon Bunker
Tesla Weapons Permission at Rank 1


Can use a Tesla Discharge.
Can empty garrisons.


If the Tesla Discharge is used, the Tesla Tank will be shutdown for a short time

TT-1 Tesla Tank

Here's your Electric Bill!

The TT-1 Tesla Tank was a Russian energy weapon based tank deployed by General Aleksandr in the early stages of the war. It has since been replaced by the more advanced and powerful TT-2 Tesla Tank.


The end result of a joint project between Andreev Labs and Moscow Factory No. 45 is a mobile version of one of Russia’s most feared weapon systems. The Tesla Tank might still be at an experimental staged but early field tests have indicated this to be one of the greatest successes born out of the Federation’s weapons development. The Tesla Tank can decimate any infantry foolish enough to get in its way with ease, even in large numbers. This is a tactical vehicle of high importance to the Federation so only the elite Shock Troopers assisted by Andreev Labs technicians are authorized to crew them. The most frightening aspect of the Tesla Tank is its ability to overcharge its capacitors resulting in a deadly storm.


The Tesla Tank is one of the most effective ground units in the game, as the attacks are precise, effectives against both vehicles and infantry and instantly hit the target. The range is acceptable and it moves faster than vehicles such as the Leopard Tank. Like the Tesla Coil, the attack of the Tesla Tank will calculate how much damage is needed to destroy an enemy unit and it may fire up to three bolts at the same time to attack different units, making it especially deadly against infantry divisions such as Volunteer Squads. It is also able to clear garrisons, and when surrounded by enemies, the Tesla Tank can be ordered to use the Tesla Discharge ability, which will generate massive shockwaves all around the tank that will damage or kill any unit foolish enough to get close. When this ability is being used, the tank is unable to move. The tesla tank advances in veterancy fairly quickly, and enough powered-up tesla tanks can even destroy an Overlord tank.

The main problem with the Tesla Tank, other than the complete lack of attacks against air units, is the really weak armor. Most tanks will only require a few shots to get rid of one, and even the fearsome Tesla Discharge is very hard to pull off because the Tesla Tank will likely be destroyed before it gets close enough to the enemy to activate it. Like most Russian vehicles, Tesla Tanks leave behind husks when destroyed which may be salvaged by MTP Recovery Vehicles.


  • The design of the TT-1 Tesla Tank resembles the original Tesla Tank from the Red Alert 1 expansion packs: Counterstrike and the Aftermath.

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