Predator Drone, online.
- Predator Drone leaving the airfield

The Predator Surveillance Drone is USA's tier 2 scout unit. This fast and inexpensive drone is the only aerial scout unit in the mod. They are particularly effective at spotting targets for artillery and as decoy for protecting US aircraft from heavy anti air fire.

Predator Surveillance Drone

- United States of America


- Scout
- Stealth Detection
- Area Surveillance


- 2


- None


- Light


- 500

Build time

- 0:05

Produced by

- Airfield


- Strategy Center

Hot key

- R


- Show Detection Range
- Scanner Sweep
- Sensor Pulse (requires upgrade)


- Does not require power like other drones.


Once only able to be requested from sources outside of the normal battlefield chain of command, the Predator Drone has become of crucial importance to the USA after the sudden development of anti-satellite technologies in the 2020s meant it could no longer rely on orbital reconnaissance as much as it had done for decades.

Now, these simple but effective unmanned drones can be readied and launched from any American airfield at a moment's notice, providing crucial long-range intelligence data to all USA forces. They are particularly effective when spotting targets for artillery or spying the way for other aircraft - but they should be considered entirely disposable, as stealth technology proved too expensive to implement to their default design and they possess no real armor. They can be upgraded to remedy their weaknesses in armor and can use their Scanner Sweep ability to detect enemy units and become stealthed much like the former Spy Drone.

Unit DescriptionEdit

Predator Drone Upgrades

Drone Armor
Advanced Drone Warfare

The Predator Drone is the most fragile compared to the other factions' scout units, however what gives them the advantage over the other scout units is the fact that they are a fast aerial unit that can travel over any terrain making their reconnaissance much more effective than their counterparts from other factions.

The Predator Drone can be upgraded with Drone Armor which which will increase their chance of survivability by giving them 25% stronger armor. They have a default ability called the Scanner Sweep, in which the Predator Drone will revolve around a targeted area and detect any stealth units while being stealthed themselves. The new Advanced Drone Warfare upgrade in version 1.86 will not only give Predator Drones the ability to auto repair but will also give them a new ability called Sensor Pulse, where the Predator Drone focuses power on their detection radar which causes them to detect stealthed units over a large distance for a brief moment.  This new ability makes Predator Drones even more potent at hidden surveillance than the Chinese Listening Outpost when deployed to its stationary stealth mode.


When created Edit

  • Predator Drone, online.

When selected Edit

  • Status is green.
  • Awaiting mission objectives.
  • Awaiting mission parameters.
  • Repeating loop until new orders.
  • Predator Drone, standing by.
  • I can see everything.

When moving Edit

  • Affirmative.
  • Propulsion systems engaged.
  • Plotting course.
  • Moving to your coordinates.
  • Moving to your grid location.
  • Calculating optimal flight route.
  • Predator Drone confirms order.
  • Programming course to your nav point.

When Advanced Drone Warfare upgrade is complete Edit

  • Advanced Drone Warfare program uploaded.
  • Software upgrades complete.

When Scanner Sweep is activated Edit

  • Activating scanners.
  • Scanning for hostile targets.
  • Commencing observation.

When Sensor Pulse is activated Edit

  • Activating pulse.
  • Initiating rapid scan.
  • Pulse detection activated.

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