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The Supply Yard is an ECA structure used to produce Supply Tracks that gather supplies and return them here for processing.


Quick deployability across the entirety of its territory has been one of the main strategic benchmarks of the European Continental Army since its creation in 2034. As such, the multinational task force utilizes a wide array of structures that consist of pre-fabricated containers and building elements, allowing European forces to set up shop on the battlefield and become fully operational as quickly as possible. The Supply Yard is one of these structures, acting as a central drop-off point for military supply units and civilian logistics contractors whose equipment and manpower have been drafted to support the war effort. After all, any armed force in the world is only as capable as its logistics branch.


Ability Description
Danger close barrage icon
Danger Close Barrage
Fire a barrage of 6 artillery shells at enemies around the structure; if no enemies are present the shells will be dispersed around it. Each shell causes 100 EXPLOSION damage over a radius of 50 + 100 to 30 GATTLING damage over a radius of 50 to 80. With Cluster Munitions the shells also release 4 cluster bomblets on impact, each causing 12.5 EXPLOSION damage over a radius of 20. 150 seconds cooldown.


It is the building where your Supply Tracks could unload their cargo of supplies. The ECA has the advantage of being able to build their supply gathering building much faster than other faction, due in part to not requiring to build a power plant first, much like the GLA.


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