Russia's workhorse on the field.
- Supply Wartruck leaving the Supply Warehouse
Supply wartruck icon
The Supply Wartruck is the main supply gatherer of Russia.


We must keep the war machine strong!
- Supply Wartruck

These Supply Wartrucks are not only armored but many of them are also armed with a heavy caliber machine gun to ward off any would be looters from their precious cargo, as well as smoke grenades to distract enemy fire. Russia is willing to spend a bit more cash on their trucks in insuring a safe transport of goods to their Warehouses and the protection of the equipment itself. Russian Supply Wartrucks will make easy work for soft targets and may even hold off vehicles that may prevent it from finishing its work.


Ability Description
Deploy smoke screen icon
Deploy Smoke Screen
Launch four smoke grenades in front of the vehicle, creating a smokescreen that lasts for 3.5 seconds and make nearby enemies blindly fire at the smokescreen if they are not firing at something else. 30 seconds cooldown.

Requires Assault Armaments.


The Supply Wartruck moves relatively slow, but is armed with an autocannon once the Assault Armaments upgrade is researched. However, its armor will not allow to survive an engagement with well-entrenched infantry and vehicles.


  • Only armed supply gatherer unit (when upgraded)
  • Can use smoke grenades to distract enemy fire (when upgraded)
  • Can be converted into Field Quarters
  • Gains an autocannon (when upgraded)

  • Initially unarmed
  • Cannot attack aircraft
  • Machine gun does less damage to all type of targets
  • Field Quarters upgrade requires a general point to unlock


Prior to 1.87 the Supply Wartruck uses a modified version of the War Miner's voiceset in Red Alert 2.

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