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The Supply Truck is the People's Republic of China's resource gatherer. As a secondary function it can also transport up to six infantry.


If knowing is half the battle, then logistics is a quarter of it. And if China could not get the "knowing" part like the U.S. does, then they can do the "logistics" part. The supply trucks of China are said to be as numerous as the people who drive it, which is to say, many. These humble little trucks serve faithfully the state to bring in supplies to their generals, no matter what the terrain, weather or opposition might be. In order to get some additional use out of the Chinese Supply Trucks in the later stages of a battle, the vehicles can now be used to transport up to six infantrymen.


A simple supply gatherer, the Supply Truck is built from the Supply Center, and you get one for free once one is built. Supply Trucks can individually transport $300 each, so it is recommended to have around three for each supply pile.

Additionally, Supply Trucks can be used to transport 6 infantry units, adding a useful feature after most supply docks have been empited later in the game.


The Supply Truck reuses their original voiceset in the vanilla Generals and Zero Hour.


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