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Supply Tracks are extensively used by the European Continental Alliance to collect supplies scattered across the battlefield.

Supply Track
EU SupplyTrack

European Continental Alliance


Supply Gatherer







Build time


Produced by

Supply Yard

Supply Track

- Armor Skirts


These unarmed logistics vehicles act as the ECA's primary supply gatherers. Their sturdy tracks allow them to negotiate even the most difficult kinds of terrain and their shipping space is large enough to carry a sizable amount of provisions.

The Supply Track's design is based on the infamous Lynx APC, with the machine gun and rear compartment ceiling removed. While this made the Supply Track more susceptible to infantry raids and unable to withstand even moderate amounts of enemy fire, this condition allowed mass and quick production of them. This was especially important in the early stages of the Federation invasion, when Russian aircraft annihilated the original Supply Track fleets in the Eastern ECA nations.

After suffering massive losses of material by Russian raids on ECA supply lines, the mechanical arm on the rear of the vehicle was added to allow pickup of containers scattered by explosions or in the rear of destroyed Supply tracks while still remaining on the move, lowering the total amount of goods lost to the Russians. Armor Skirts can also be added to protect the tracks of these vehicles, increasing their overall armor.

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