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The Supply Center is an important logistics structure capable of producing Ospreys that can collect supplies and return them to the Supply Center for processing and gaining funds.


In order to keep a steady rate of supplies coming in for their troops, the US Air Force has created installations across US bases where supply carriers drop off their supplies gathered from depots, where they are sorted and delivered to the troops in the field.

The building is intended as a supply drop site (beside the more exclusive supply drop zone), material processing center, and supply storage facility. As with the Chinese and GLA counterpart the structure can be used to call in additional Osprey as its worker, the only structure beside airfields that can acquire airplanes (the Osprey is exclusively summoned from this structure). The structure cannot repair aircraft by itself.

The building is capable of storing a large amount (if not unlimited) of materials. Materials gained from para-dropped supplies are also stored here. The structure may cater supply trucks and friendly GLA workers.

Due to its standardized management system (that include cheap but less secured software) it is susceptible to sabotage and hacking to re-transfer some of stored supply for embezzlement.


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