For the cause!
- Suicide Bomber

The Suicide Bomber is an unconventional type of attack aircraft employed by the Global Liberation Army.


These so-called "Suicide Bombers", its design and function mostly inspired from the word "Kamikaze", meaning "Divine Wind". It was used by the Imperial Japanese Army during the Second World War until its defeat in 1945. The planes driven by fanatical pilots, who are willing to die for the GLA's cause, giving their organization a chance willing to fight for more.

These planes are armed with improvised explosives, attached to both of its wings, the explosives are mostly dynamites and explosive barrels on it. Thanks to its speed, it cannot be targeted by enemy AA fire, useful for striking. As it strike and collide on its targets inflict serious damage against it, these are useful asset to the battlefield for supportive needs. However, due to their rare commodity, it can only used for aerial support rather than air asset.