Stinger Soldier Overview
GLA StingerSoldier

Global Liberation Army


Anti-Air Infantry


FIM-92 Stinger
CZ 75 Pistol


Tier 1



Produced by

Barracks (GLA)


Black Market

Hot key



-Stealthed when not shooting (upgrade)

Watchful eyes of homeland skies!
- Stinger Soldier
Stinger Soldiers are GLA troopers armed with heavy anti aircraft missile launchers, often stolen from captured arsenals of other countries. They've been used successfully for years by the GLA, most commonly found in Stinger Sites and Ural Trucks, but also found on foot.
Stinger Soldier Upgrades

- AP Rockets
- Camouflage


- Stealthed while not shooting (upgrade)


GLA fighters revel in the irony of American warplanes being shot down by their own anti-air missile systems. The FIM-92 Stinger, acquired by the GLA through their extensive black market connections, remains one of the most effective anti-air weapons even though it is almost a century old. Stinger soldiers are usually grouped in three at specific locations, nicknamed 'stinger sites', where hostile aircraft traverse often. Lately however these sites have become easier for bombers to target and destroy, resulting in the mobile Ural trucks transporting stinger soldiers between locations, and even the soldiers themselves hiding among the foliage and striking when the aircraft pilot least expects it. Because of their large Stinger launcher they can't carry any secondary weapon heavier than a personal defense weapon, most commonly a pistol.

Unit Description Edit

Stinger Soldiers are a relatively new infantry unit.

Their main role is to engage enemy air units, much like their Russian Igla Trooper counterparts. While not much of a threat on their own, Stinger Soldiers are a cheaper AA solution than Tunnel Defenders as well as a longer range and could be deployed en masse to overwhelm enemy air, especially when garrisoned inside structures or Battle Buses.

To defend himself against ground units, Stinger Soldiers are often issued with a CZ-75 handgun to give him some capability against infantry. While it is relatively weak, garrisoning him inside structures would be an ideal option, especially in groups.

Trivia Edit

  • Stinger Soldiers share the model of those occuping Stinger Sites.
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