• Laser Crusader: Permanently deactivated due to lacklustre combat performance, post-war budget cuts and the mutiny of General Townes.


  • King Raptor: the King Raptor (designation F-22C) is basically a full-blown overpriced, hyperpowered F-22A. They are still operational but they are rare and reserved to defend the US homeland or vital allied countries with a renewed permanent US presence such as Japan post-2030s.
  • Combat Chinook: Phased out and mothballed along with the entire rest of the Chinook fleet.


  • Hellfire Drone: Phased out due to bad performance and post-war budget cuts.


  • Laser Defense Turret: This particular model of turret had phased out along with all of Townes personal projects, but the technology was evaluated for use in future US laser equipment.
  • EMP Patriot: The entire Patriot series of missiles has been phased out in favor of the Protector and there is no EMP variant of it.

Generals PowersEdit

  • Mother of all Bombs (MoaB): Still part of the US arsenal but simply omitted from their in-game arsenal due to design reasons.

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