• Nuclear Overlord: Standard Overlord after the Nuclear Tanks upgrade. Official designation is ZTZ-200H (H for Hé, which is Chinese for nuclear).
  • Nuclear Battlemaster: Standard Battlemaster after the Nuclear Tanks upgrade. Official designation is Type 88GH.
  • Emperor Overlord: Its advanced sub-systems were implemented into the entire Overlord fleet after the Global War on Terror whilst the actual Emperors were mothballed and/or exported. Its designation was ZTZ-200G (or ZTZ-200GH when upgraded).
  • Attack Outpost: Simply an up-gunned/up-armored variant of the regular Listening Outpost that contains fireports. Still operational to a certain degree.


  • Tactical Nuke MiG: Migs can still carry low-yield tactical nukes as they are still the same plane. They are simply omitted from the in-game arsenal.


  • Mini-Gunners: Phased out of service after General Shin Fai's death due to recoil issues. Succeeded by Minigun Teams.

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