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The V-44 Starlifter is a large tiltrotor VTOL transport in service with the US Armed Forces, capable of transporting vehicles around the battlefield.


While the United States Air Force and Marine Corps began to introduce the V-22 Osprey in the early 2000s, the Army largely missed out on the advent of modern tiltrotor aircraft and stuck with the venerable CH-47 Chinook helicopter throughout the Global War On Terror. Meanwhile, the Osprey proved to be quite a formidable machine that combined the speed of an airplane with the deployability of a helicopter after it's initial problems had been ironed out.

During the mid 2030s, the Department of the Army tried to catch up with these developments by throwing its weight behind a new Air Force project that eventually produced the V-44 Starlifter, an enormous quadrotor VTOL aircraft with enough internal space and engine power to carry multiple combat vehicles, including tanks, as well as a sizable detachment of infantry or drones. While the Ospreys and a number of other medium helicopters are still used for the more discrete 'high speed, low drag' style insertions, the Starlifters can move enough man- and firepower to the frontline to sustain an entire invasion on their own as evidenced by their performance in the Third World War, but also during a disaster relief operation in Puerto Rico, where a wing of USAF Starlifters delivered tons of medical supplies, food and other vital goods after Hurricane Xander had swept across the Caribbeans in 2047.


Ability Description
Dismiss icon
Dismiss the Starlifter and refunds its cost.
Can only be used when the Starlifter is not transporting vehicles.


The Starlifter can be used as a makeshift gunship by loading up 4 WASP Hives, preferrably with Advanced Drone Warfare which gives the WASP drones missiles. The WASP drones will be able to completely and utterly destroy any armored or infantry unit and even ignore tier 0 to tier 1 AA.


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Behind the scenes

  • Prior to 1.87 the Starlifter can be built from the Airfield and carry infantry, although it only have 12 transport slots.

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