A B-2 returning to base.

United States of America


Strategic stealth bomber


Unguided Bombs


Carpet Bombing GP


- Support Aircraft Armor
- Countermeasures

The B-2 Spirit is a stealth bomber plane used by the United States of America.


Introduced as a bomber to counter radar nets, to most casual observers, the B-2 Spirit is indeed a spirit; too fast to see, too fast to hear, and too hard to defend against. During the Global War on Terror, B-2s carried M.O.A.B.s (Mother Of All Bombs), large, powerful fuel-air bombs that obliterated anything unfortunate enough to be near the impact blast. The United States however noticed the great advantages B-2s had over other bomber planes and began equipping them with more traditional bombs, something which was seen as preferable due to less collateral damage involved but most importantly due to the budget costs following the Zero Hour. As a result, ever since the main production plant that made the M.O.A.B. ended its production line some years ago, remaining M.O.A.B. stocks are assumed to be few and thus most B-2s will simply carry regular bomb payloads.

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