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Hu Tan Mau (Chinese: 茂胡谭, Mào Hú Tán) is the Chinese Special Weapons General.


Born as the son of a wealthy Hong Kong businessman belonging to the growing Chinese upper-class, young Mau grew up in an ambiance of great prosperity and privilege that smoothly transitioned into his military service, which he chose over a private business career out of personal interest rather than patriotism.

Thanks to his father's extensive network of practical relationships in the Party, he eventually found his way into a Special Weapons division based in the cold Himalayas. Formerly under the command of the whimsical General Leang, the division was found in a pathetic state, being less of a functioning combat unit and more akin to an odd mish-mash of various half-baked prototypes and several foreign weapons attained by dubious means for the sake of experimentation and in many cases sheer novelty.

Getting this unit back into proper shape and beyond would prove to be a tough challenge which Mau, a curious and playful man by nature, accepted in order to put his management skills to a test. A few years later, his division had risen from the ashes like the proverbial phoenix, fielding cleverly customized variants of mainstay PLA weapon systems with the addition of advanced EMP resonators, highly refined incendiary compounds and tactical nuclear weapons. The most famous product of Mau's ingenuity is the Han Gunship, China's most advanced, highly modular assault helicopter that is fully compatible with any of these weapons.

In the meantime, Mau had also invested a lot of time and dedication in his studies on warfare, including the ancient teachings of Sun Tzu, allowing him to excel in several simulated exercises even against experienced Chinese commanders. Now, after decades of peacetime service, Mau is looking at the possible prospect of fighting his first real battle, should Beijing finally come to a decision to side with one of the warring factions.






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