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The Speaker Tower (also occasionally referred to as Propaganda Tower) function as China's cheap but stationary source of propaganda. The Speaker Tower broadcast inspirational messages to all units around it, keeping them in good fighting shape and making them attack with redoubled vigor. It can also be upgraded to function as an ECM jammer or a stealth detector.


Courtesy of the Ministry of State Security, Speaker Towers can now be upgraded with ECM jammers. This allows the fragile towers to deflect incoming missiles in their immediate surroundings, providing upright citizens with a shield of protection against cowardly attacks in addition to broadcasting uplifting messages for the happiness of all.

These towers were most notably used by the Chinese forces in their various campaigns, were they would often install Speaker Towers in civilian areas in order to influence the population and counteract any attempts by the GLA to spread messages of their own. One such Speaker Tower, installed in a small village in Kazakhstan that was close to a known GLA hideout, had the rather unfortunate (and ironic) effect of inspiring nearby GLA forces to launch a ferocious attack on a Chinese base and a hydroelectric dam (that happened to be upstream of further Chinese outposts).


Add-on Description
Land mines icon
Land Mines
Lays a minefield around the building that explodes when an enemy steps on it, causing 100 to 50 LAND_MINE damage over a radius of 5 to 10. Triggered mines are replaced after 20 seconds.

Costs $400 and takes 12 seconds to complete.


The Speaker Tower can be upgraded with ECM jamming or stealth detector equipment. In either case, the Speaker Tower retains its function to broadcast propaganda.


Speaker Towers could be constructed by Chinese generals to spout propaganda and improve the morale of their legions. Vehicle crews within range of a Speaker Tower would be sufficiently inspired to begin repairing their vehicles if damaged, while infantry would even attempt to heal themselves. In addition Speaker Towers encouraged units to fire a little faster.

While they could be constructed as stationary structures by Construction Dozer in Chinese bases, Speaker Towers were also available as upgrades for the Overlord tank and Propaganda Airship allowing the power of persuasion to be used on the move.