The South American Pact is a socio-economic pact between nations of South America. The pact is strictly South American, but also has connections with the Russian Federation following their defeat in Africa.

The South American Pact was founded in 2035 as an economic alliance between the nations of Brazil, Argentina and Chile, acting as their counterpart to their rival, the North American Union. Over time, other nations joined either out of free will or were forced due to being left alone on the continent.

After the Russian Federation was forced out of the African Resource Rush, they contacted the SAP and proposed a beneficial partnership between the two. The two entities would exchange resources, and Russia would hunt down criminal cartels and drug lords in exchange for establishing a permanent military presence on the continent.

General Orlov of the Spetsnaz' famed Tula Division coordinated an attack on the notorious drug lord Almeida Vargas in 2042. As thanks the government of Brazil allowed Russia to station just over 2,000 troops in the country. During the Russo-European War, Russia would use this contingent to attack the European Continental Alliance's French Guiana space center and shut down their Solaris network. In March 2047, Argentina seized the opportunity and attacked the British Falkland Islands. Due to being caught in a war with Russia, the United Kingdom was unable to retaliate and the Falklands was renamed the Malvinas yet again.[1]



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