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The ECA's take on a power plant, the Solar Reactor is a massive, heavily fortified structure, capable of providing enough power to supply all the buildings and defenses on the battlefield.


This structure houses a more compact version of the ECA's world-famous solar-fusion power plants. Heavily sheltered under multiple layers of lead-reinforced concrete lies the reactor which receives its operating power from what was originally a downsized 'lend-lease' model of a Solaris satellite. While not quite as powerful as the full-scale civilian reactors, a single – one – of these power plants produces enough energy to sustain – every – European structure in an entire front sector. Therefore, the construction of multiple reactors at a time is neither necessary nor feasible since a single reactor alone still requires a rather large crew of professionally educated technicians, many of whom aren't entirely willing to operate these facilities in the middle of a raging battle. In order to protect them and the equally vital structure they reside in, the outer shell of the Solar Reactor comes equipped with three hardpoints that can be used to mount defensive weapons, for the loss of this vital structure may result in blackouts across the entire sector.


Ability Description
Danger close barrage icon
Danger Close Barrage
Fire a barrage of 6 artillery shells at enemies around the structure; if no enemies are present the shells will be dispersed around it. Each shell causes 100 EXPLOSION damage over a radius of 50 + 100 to 30 GATTLING damage over a radius of 50 to 80. With Cluster Munitions the shells also release 4 cluster bomblets on impact, each causing 12.5 EXPLOSION damage over a radius of 20. 150 seconds cooldown.


The Solar Reactor can accept up to three add-ons at a time, which can also be demolished to make way for new ones.

Add-on Description
Solar reactor bunker addon icon
Build a bunker on one of the Solar Reactor's hardpoints. Can be garrisoned by up to 5 infantry, who can fire from within and are immune to garrison clearing weapons.

Costs $300 and takes 8 seconds to complete.

Solar reactor sam site addon icon
SAM Site
Build a SAM site on one of the Solar Reactor's hardpoints. Attacks air targets in a distance of 400 with missiles that causes 120 EXPLOSION damage over a radius of 5. Fires one missile every second and need to reload after firing 2 missiles, which takes 5 seconds.

Costs $300 and takes 8 seconds to complete.
Requires Research Facility.


The Solar Reactor is the single most powerful power production structure in the game, dwarfing even the Breeder Reactor in the amount of power produced. One Reactor alone can provide power to an entire ECA base, completely eliminating the need to construct additional power structures. It also grants access to Tier-1 basic upgrades. Due to its significance, this building is heavily armored, and can be upgraded with defensive weapons on its hardpoints to protect itself. When destroyed, however, it explodes violently. Should that happen, any garrisoned infantries inside the bunkers will be instantly killed, unless the Venom Protocol is researched. Since the destruction of this structure would cause blackout throughout the entire base, shutting down all structures that require power, the Solar Reactor must be protected at all costs.



  • While the Solar Reactor provides 1 million units of power, such an amount is unlikely to be completely used up in normal circumstances, thus it effectively provides infinite power.

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