Sokol clear for combat!
- Sokol

The Su-50 Sokol is the primary ground attack jet of the Russian Federation VVS forces. With its powerful payload, high maneuverability and stealth capabilities, it is well suited to hunting down enemy armor.

Russian Sokol

Russian Federation


- Stealthed Attack Jet
- Anti-Tank


- 4 Anti-Tank missiles





Build time


Produced by



Industrial Plant


- Stealthed when not attacking
- Doesn't unleash full payload when attacking




Ever since the coordinated destruction of the major European air bases at the onset of the Russo-European War, Russia's Frontal Aviation had free reign over Central Europe.That was until the United States made their entry into the war in summer 2048. Since then, the skies above the continent became contested between Berkuts and Raptors while what was left of the European Air Forces resumed their operations from secured airfields in Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Portugal and North-Western Africa. As the fighting continued, the casualty rates for aircraft of the Russian Air Force soared out of control. The toll was especially heavy on the venerable Su-25 "Grach" ground attack plane, which stood no chance against the advanced Western fighter jets without escorts.

In February 2049, the remaining planes were ordered back to the motherland. In their stead,the Russian military ramped up the production of the Su-50 fighter-bomber. Originally reserved for only the most elite of fighter squadrons due to its high production costs,the 'Sokol' was now deployed in considerable numbers in order to provide close air support for missions that the Su-25 could no longer accomplish. It is armed with six powerful anti-tank missiles and its advanced stealth characteristics allow for covert intrusions into contested airspace, making the Sokol the ideal plane for tank hunting and suppression of enemy air defences.

Unit DescriptionEdit

The Sokol is the main attack jet of the Russian Federation acquired by VVS Forces GP Unlock, replacing the old Su-25 Frogfoot due to design reasons. While it doesn't look much as it seems, this attack jet can give effectiveness by its own.

The Sokol is armed 4 anti-tank missiles payload; these missiles are ideal for attacking enemy armor hence being an anti-tank jet. Furthermore, it doesn't unleash all of the missiles each attack, conserving the missiles. However, the anti-tank missiles are only effective against tanks and can be also on infantry or structure, attacking against base defense is ineffective.

This jet is also equipped with stealth systems, wherein enemy AA units cannot see or engage this, unless Sokol is attacking or detected by stealth detection units.

This jet has reasonable speed given, making useful for retreat from incoming AA missiles.

Tactics Edit

The missiles are effective against armored units and structures, making useful asset in taking out any tanks either medium or even the heavier ones, especially the MBT and the Super-heavy tanks, such as the Leopards or the mighty Overlord Tank. Also, the missiles don't unleash all of it while attacking on single target, preventing from wasting it and can be used on other tactics.

With its stealth, it cannot be seen by enemy units and the enemy radar, especially anti-air units, making useful for sudden attack tactics and it can effectively retreat to airfield without being attacked after being stealthed.

Counters Edit

This attack jet remains frail on its armor as other jets usually have, even its stealth will not work when attacking, revealing its presence to the enemy AA units' or base defenses' sight. The Heavy AA units are effective against Sokols, regardless of its speed. It can also be detected by stealth detection units, such as Sentry Drone or the Observation Van.

Its missile payload is highly ineffective against base defenses, making the Sokol unable to pass through the enemy lines. This can be relegated to Hind or other units that are effective against base defense however.

Pros and Cons Edit

Pros Edit

  • Missiles are very effective against both vehicles and structures
  • Stealthed
  • Does not unleash all missiles on single target
  • Reasonable speed

Cons Edit

  • Weak armor
  • Missiles are ineffective against base defenses
  • Reveals itself when firing
  • Vulnerable to heavy AA fire

Quotes Edit

When created:

  • Sokol, cleared for combat!

When selected:

  • Stealth systems, check.
  • No expense fair.
  • Let's go stir up some trouble.
  • Man, this is a nice jet!
  • Pilot responding.
  • I'll take everything you got
  • Sokol.
  • Russian aviation at its finest!
  • So, what's the plan?

When moving:

  • Copy that.
  • Let's fly!
  • Alright, let's see what she can do.
  • Affirmative.
  • Hunting season.
  • Let's get into the action!
  • No problem.
  • Punch it!
  • They'll never see me coming.

When attacking:

  • Target verified
  • Watch this! Oh, wait, you can't *laughter*
  • Where you think you're going?
  • Oh, YEAH!
  • I got this.
  • Let's give them a real air show!
  • Have a free sample!
  • Let's go, tough guy!
  • Dasvidaniya!
  • It hardly seems fair.
  • You are so dead!
  • Ha! I can do that with my eyes closed.

When guarding:

  • Commencing them from overwatch.
  • I got it, I love this down type.
  • They won't know what hit them.
  • Initiating area denial.
  • Time to get a little.. territorial.
  • This is my playground now!
  • Let's see if they paying any attention!

When shot down:

  • Going down!
  • Losing control!
  • How the hell?!

When low fuel:

  • I can't stay up here forever!
  • Low fuel! Need to land!
  • Fuel tank is dry!
  • Nothing in the tank, need to land!

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Sokol used to be referred to as the PAK-FA in earlier ROTR previews.
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