Smart bomb icon
Available for unlock by ECA 3-star generals, Smart Bomb allows the general to deploy "intelligent" munitions anywhere on the battlefield by a Vulcan Bomber.


Ability Description
Demo trap detonate icon
Immediately detonate the Smart Bomb.
Smart neutron bomb proximity control icon
Proximity Control
Set the Smart Bomb to explode when an enemy comes close to it.
Manual detonation icon
Manual Control
Set the Smart Bomb to only explode on command.


The Smart Bomb will detonate if it detects enemy presence upon impact. Otherwise the bomb will stay buried on the ground and can be set to proximity detonation mode or manual detonation mode, effectively turning it into an oversized land mine and allows it to be safely used around friendly troops.

The Smart Bomb can be replaced with the horrendously powerful Neutron Bomb should the Pandora Protocol is activated.