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The Skyshield Battery is the main anti-aircraft stationary defense used by the European Continental Alliance.


The Sky Shield is a light-weight short range air defence system of Swiss and German origin. The central piece of a battery is the highly advanced fire control radar which can autonomously detect and track airborne targets. The moment an enemy aircraft moves into range, it will be greeted by the two 35mm guns that fire a special distance-triggered 'AHEAD' round identical to the Gepard for its ability to burst into a wave of shrapnel in front of the target, causing catastrophic damage to even the most heavily armoured airframes within seconds.


Ability Description
Danger close barrage icon
Danger Close Barrage
Fire a barrage of 6 artillery shells at enemies around the structure; if no enemies are present the shells will be dispersed around it. Each shell causes 100 EXPLOSION damage over a radius of 50 + 100 to 30 GATTLING damage over a radius of 50 to 80. With Cluster Munitions the shells also release 4 cluster bomblets on impact, each causing 12.5 EXPLOSION damage over a radius of 20. 150 seconds cooldown.


A base defense with dual anti-aircraft guns with decent weapon range and a fast rate of fire (but not so as fast the Gattling Cannon), and it deals medium damage, but the Skyshields also does splash damage for each strike, thanks to the canister rounds. Skyshields are incapable of targeting ground units since being an anti-air base defense. Like many other base defenses, it is vulnerable against artillery weaponry and requires aircraft protection against artillery. These defenses don't deal much damage against fast aircraft so it is recommended to build more of 2 defenses of this type. It is best used against helicopters, since they are slower than jet aircraft.



  • Prior to 1.85 the Skyshield Battery had three guns instead of two; this was reduced for balancing reasons.

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