Shock Trooper
Shock troopers
Shock Troopers in front of the ruined city hall of the recently conquered Düsseldorf



Heavy assault

  • Valerya Alekseev's 30mm rocket rifle
  • Minaturized Tesla Coil (GP unlock)


Hit points


Armor type


Sight radius




Speed (land)




Build time


Produced by

Russian Barracks


Weapon Bunker



Ground attack
  • 10 (EXPLOSION) (rocket rifle)
  • 30 (MELEE) (Tesla gun, against infantry)
  • 80 (between shots), 1500 (reload after 8 shots) (rocket rifle)
  • 50 (Tesla gun)
Attack range
  • 180, radius 2 (rocket rifle)
  • 140 (Tesla gun)

Infantry Medkits

  • Rocket Rifle
  • Tesla Gun (GP unlock)
Elite ability


  • Cannot be crushed
  • Resistant to flame, toxin and radiation
  • Will kill themselves when forced to surrender
Shock trooper icon
The most menacing of all Russian infantry, the Shock Trooper can deal with any situation. They are characterized by their gas masks and heavy equipment, and will be fielded by General Aleksandr in 2.0.


The Shock Troopers are General Aleksandr's elite heavy troopers. These men undergo extreme training and suspected brainwashing in Siberia. In the process, they lose all respect for human life. They become war machines, living only to defend the motherland. They display fanatical devotion toward their general and carry out even the most dangerous or merciless order without hesitation. They would adopt any means necessary to ensure victory and as a unit they have several charges of war crimes against them.

They bear with them harsh training experience, and Russia's heaviest and most advanced equipment, including advanced body armor, enough to stop a tank from crushing them. This also includes their iconic heavy weapon, Valerya Aleeksev's 30mm Rocket Rifle, capable of unleashing a barrage of firepower upon their unfortunate foes. Their alternate weapon is a smaller version of the Tesla Coil, able to electrocute infantry, and disable any tanks that get in their way. During the failed Russian assault at the Battle of Ramsgate, the Shock Troopers carried out the assault by leading the charge, carelessly destroying military and civilian infrastructure alike.


Ability Description
Shock trooper rocket rifle icon
Rocket Rifle
Use the rocket rifle effective against all ground targets.
Shock trooper tesla gun icon
Tesla Gun
Use the Tesla gun that can quickly kill infantry and disable vehicles.

Requires Tesla Weapons.


The Shock Trooper is Russia's answer to ground mobilization. They are one of the strongest infantry units in the game, able to match heavy vehicles do to their uncrushable nature and their 30mm Rocket Rifle which shreds vehicles. Infantry is no issue to them due to their Tesla Coil which annihilates any infantry who dare to get too close. In addition, the Advanced Armor allows them to survive a shot from a hand-held sniper rifles. Their Tesla Coil also is able to shut down vehicles and buildings alike. Similar to USA infantry with Chemical Suits, Shock Troopers are able to resist toxins, flames and radiation like the Golem; both being part of Aleksandr's Shock Division.


Shock Troopers are great infantry to combine with your tank divisions because they are able to counter any anti-vehicle threats as well as do significant damage to buildings. They eliminate anti-tank infantry and significantly boost firepower against vehicles like the Jadgmammut Tank Destroyer.

A useful strategy is also placing multiple Shock Troopers in a Hunchback/Hind and deploying them behind the enemy base, with using heavier vehicles like Golems and Sentinels as a diversion. Not only is the Shock Trooper capable of holding his own under enemy fire as well as returning the favor, but the Helicopter is also able to provide cover fire as well. Hinds, for example are also able to use their anti-air missiles against aircraft to a minor extent.


Like most infantry, Shock Troopers have no way to retaliate against air units thus leaving them exposed to any air attack escpically from any aircraft with any cannons such as Comanches and Han Gunships, however this can be negated by bring Tunguskas or Igla Troopers with them. Another method to counter this unit is to utiliise artillery with a high AoE due to their long range abilities, thus being able to out-range the shock troopers with ease.



  • Very powerful armor
  • Can survive Pathfinder's first shot
  • Resistant to biological hazards
  • Can auto-heal (when upgraded)
  • Rocket rifle does heavy damage to both vehicles and infantry
  • Tesla coil can instantly kill infantry
  • Tesla coil can disable vehicles
  • Cannot be crushed by vehicles
  • Cannot be forced to surrender; they will commit suicide if they do


  • Cannot attack aircraft
  • Does not have Camaraderie ability
  • Tesla coil requires a General Point to be unlocked
  • Not resistant to Neutron radiation


The Shock Trooper is voiced by George "Seòras" Exley.

Prior to 1.85 the Shock Trooper uses some of the Tesla Trooper's voiceset in Red Alert 3.

When created

  • Shock Trooper, ready to break their lines!

When selected

  • What is your wish?
  • Aleksandr's chosen.
  • There will be no retreat!
  • Throw me to the carnage.
  • We are ready to die for you.
  • No one can stand against us.
  • Awaiting your command, comrade.
  • There will be blood!
  • Death and victory, all in your name!
  • I am at your disposal, my Leader.
  • Shock Division.
  • Failure is death, victory is life!
  • We are but messengers.
  • Faceless reapers.
  • They will tremble in fear!
  • We will command the future!
  • It will all soon be over.
  • Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?

When ordered to move

  • In motion.
  • We crave war!
  • Objective sighted.
  • We are moving.
  • I can sense the cowards!
  • The enemy will tremble!
  • An easy feat.
  • No rest for the wicked...
  • We march.
  • Moving out.
  • Of course, my Leader.
  • Yes, comrade.
  • Without hesitation.

When ordered to garrison structures

  • In there, brothers!
  • Barricade ourselves in there.
  • Claiming ownership.
  • This structure belongs to us.
  • We will set defences in there.
  • We shall strike from cover.
  • Quickly, comrades, to the structure.

When ordered to use Rocket Rifle

  • Arming rocket rifle.
  • Brothers, to your rifles!
  • They are not prepared!
  • Switching to rockets.

When ordered to use Tesla Gun

  • Superior tech.
  • Who needs a jolt?
  • Equipping Tesla weapon.
  • (Tesla coil sizzling in the background) Let's find some test subjects...

When ordered to attack

  • Such weaklings!
  • Pitiful creature!
  • I shall not fail!
  • Rapid fire!
  • That armor will not save you!
  • I obey his will!
  • Glourious battle...
  • How dare they threaten the Leader?!
  • Bolts of destruction!
  • Meet your fate.
  • Take your last breath.
  • Kill them all, brothers!
  • By his word...
  • Let none escape.
  • Natural selection... (sadistic laugh)

When under fire

  • Till... the very end!
  • Glory... in death!
  • I'd... die... killing!
  • I'll... take you all with me!
  • The Leader... will protect us!
  • Stand... fast... my brothers!
  • You... cannot... kill me!
  • I am weak... I am useless!
  • Argh... tough... crowd...!



  • The "Superior tech" line is probably a reference to the famous catchphrase said by Iron Man in Capcom's videogame Marvel Super Heroes.

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